360 assessments

360 degree feedback is a powerful tool for assessing and developing leadership and/or cooperation skills. Your subordinates, colleagues, and supervisor(s), as well as your self-evaluation is gathered. The goal is to drive your personal and the organizational development, productivity and engagement. The assessment is most powerful when it is repeated in a year or two.

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To whom

  • People in all different sized organizations – a development tool for companies, organizations and the third sector
  • For people in management position as well as experts without subordinates
  • To support career development and appraisal interviews
  • To support employee surveys, especially if you want to explore employees’ competencies in depth
  • When you want to assess and develop cooperation e.g. for management teams and teams


  • Measures successes
  • Shows areas of development
  • Develops individuals and the organization
  • Challenges the respondents to think about their role in the organization and their personal development
  • Develops giving feedback


  • How to interpret individual and group results
  • Drafting and sparring a preliminary development plan
  • Giving tools for self development
  • Create a mutual view of the situation and the development areas
  • A possibility to discuss the result
  • Support with opening the feedback – opening own strengths, development needs and development plan
  • The program can include also other themes