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Now, we are looking for highly qualified partners, universities and training companies to collaborate with us as content providers and distributors.

Business Partnerships with Local Accredited Partners


  • Virtual learning platform with earning logic for content providers
  • Accreditation and quality development
  • Unique concept and cost-effective development concept plus reputation of the Finnish pedagogy


  • Capacity to produce digital content, sell services and provide training services locally
  • Education business with existing customers
  • Willingness to get familiar with the Finnish pedagogy and make necessary investments (in-staff training and lab)


  • Professional teacher education programme
  • Claned as a learning platform passed
  • Review of resources & quality management system

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Contact Information

Timo Juntunen
Executive Director
MIF Academy at Soprano Plc

+358 40 7790 763
Email: timo.juntunen(at)soprano.fi
Skype: Timbe2701

Tuija Eloranta
Project Manager
MIF Academy at Soprano Plc

+358 40 8228 252
Email: tuija.eloranta(at)soprano.fi
Skype: tuijaeloranta(at)live.com

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