Who we are

MIF Academy is the online destination where we offer digital skills for working professionals globally

MIF ACADEMY is pioneering global online education with AI learning environment. In collaboration with our partners we provide Diplomas and Certificates, Vocational Qualifications and University Degrees that are valid in all European Countries. All theoretical studies, projects, tests and contacts with students can be done 100% online

MIF ACADEMY has digitally designed course content, made by industry expert trainers, based on Finnish pedagogy and leading educational psychology in AI learning environment. We are able to deliver learning analytics by applying Artificial Intelligence that reveal what factors impact individual learning. Our combination of content and educational technology results in optimized study motivation and improved learning results.

MIF is part of Nasdaq listed Soprano Plc, the leading Nordic private training group.

Send us an email at info (at) mifacademy (dot) com

Best Education

Earn recognized and accredited quality Finnish educational qualifications for everyone internationally, anywhere via online learning. Our students can come from any country in the world.

Global Learning Community

Whether you are interested in computer science, information technology, digital marketing or web development, we strive to provide an in-demand and valuable degree program or diploma for you!

Our Difference

Our adaptive learning platform allows lifelong learning to take place, creating learning paths and personalized environments that motivate and engage students in a way that MOOC’s can't.

Why Choose Us ?

We offer a range of online certification and qualifications, ranging from specialist industry diplomas to fully accredited degree programs. MIF Academy is in partnership with Savonia University of Applied Sciences and JAMK, accredited universitites by EDUFI, the Finnish National Agency for Education. MIF Academy courses are primarily developed with the Management Institute of Finland (MIF), Tieturi (ICT), Informator (ICT), Infor (Communications), JTO – Johtamistaidon Opisto (Leadership) and Fintra (International Trade). All companies and brands are owned by Soprano Oyj.

When you have been accepted for admission for a university degree track program at MIF Academy you are entitled to receiving a Diploma from MIF in addition to the partner university diploma issuer.

MIF Academy will bring the best Finnish education to the world. Distance working professionals will be able to take benefit of attending degree and course programs recognized across Europe.