Certifications and Tests

Finland's world-class quality certifications now online and in Virtual Reality.

MIF Academy is the Finnish company to offer online and virtual reality certification courses and tests

Online Certification courses – A way to show your competences

  • Possibility to do certifications and tests entirely as online training
  • Online courses are available regardless of time, place, or device
  • Performances are tested with assignments and a final examination
  • A certification will be issued for the completed course
  • Certifications will be acceptable in European countries

Online Certificate courses – How to get skilled workforce

  • Certificates indicate the skills required in the profession or in the industry
  • Mobility of skilled workforce is easier
  • Better occupational safety and less accidents increase profitability
  • Standardized certifications guarantee a uniform level of competence for everyone


Katja Väyrynen

Senior Consultant
+358 50 4659 040