Student-centered Learning and Teaching

Student-centered learning approach can change the face of education into a lifelong learning process in which the learner seeks solutions to problems without complete dependency upon a teacher. Student-centered approach typically refers to forms of instruction that give students opportunities to participate more actively in discussions, explore topics that interest them, and generally contribute to the design of their own course of study.

Intrested in this course?

Target Group

Teachers interested in to understand student-centered learning approach. Participants are willing to develop their teaching and move on towards student-centered learning.

During this course you will have opportunities to:

  • Understand the possibilities of student-centered learning
  • Apply the understanding of student-centered learning in own teaching practices
  • Identify the ways to increase student-centered learning


Module 1

  • Content of the course and the CLANED learning environment. (activity: CLANED and pre-task questions)
  • Aim of the course (activity: setting learning goals)

Module 2

  • Understand the possibilities of student-centered learning and identifying the characteristics of student-centered learning in teaching practices. (activity: listen, watch, read, take notes)

Module 3

  • Exercise to integrate the learner centered approach into teaching (activity: apply in your work independently, write experiences, and share learning experience with group)

Module 4

  • Reflection, feedback and closing webinar (activity: group discussion, feedback)

The course comprises:

A. One online/video session/lecture/briefing
B. Independent work integrated into teaching and reflective group work
C. Two hours feedback (webinar to be arranged)