Teach Like a Finn! Professional Development Programme for K-12 Teachers

Today’s world is more complex, connected, and rapidly changing than ever. It requires a new set of skills; innovation, creativity, cooperation, and critical thinking are necessary for success.

Education has a vital role in developing these new skills: the learnt skills and values help students to achieve their full potential.  The responsibility of educators is to support the students to succeed in life.

Teach Like a Finn! is professional development programme for K-12 teachers which is designed to answer the needs of the modern world. Join us to learn, inspire, and impact!

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Target Group

This programme is targeted at K-12 schools, teachers, and other educationists having an interest in improving their methodological and pedagogical skills and the learning outcomes of students.

Teach Like a Finn! programme aims at

  • increasing teachers’ pedagogical and methodological skills and understanding
  • Increasing teachers’ classroom management skills
  • increasing joy of learning and teaching
  • increasing students’ learning outcomes and life skills


The focus of the TLF (Teach Like a Finn!) programme is on the ‘how’ of learning and teaching. The programme challenges the mindset of the participants by making them rethink their own teaching practices and it gives them tools to develop themselves as teachers.

The programme is divided into two pathways: Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Primary and Secondary Education (PSE). Both pathways comprise a number of modules. The modular content offers easy implementation and a way to choose the training content to suit exactly your development needs.

Each module introduces teaching approaches and methods that can be applied to different school subjects. Teachers will receive training, materials, examples of best practice, and guidance on how to apply the approaches within the context of their subject and their school. During the training, they apply the new methods in their classroom, reflect on their learning, and get feedback from their trainer. In addition, they will learn tips and tricks from Finnish classrooms.

The programme can be implemented online or face-to-face. It can be also organised as direct teacher training or as train-the-trainer training.

Preliminary Knowledge

Teacher education and/or teaching experience of over 1 year.