The World of Selling

As said, International Sales is not about magic tricks. It´s all about hard work, being humble to learn, listening to customers and understanding the cultural differences. Salespeople are needed in global businesses regardless of economic trends. Sales jobs today are consultative, professional challenges that require solid business skills but also strong people-orientation.

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Target Group

The training is ideal for commercial staff, customer services, export administrators and all other “customer-facing” departments. Different elements will be more beneficial for different departments, however, the overall benefit for all attendees is being equipped to successfully grow international sales.

Learners are exposed to an inspiring and unique learning environment where they have to step out of their comfort zone, take on different roles, encounter people, learn to listen and understand customer needs, identify opportunities, and create solutions.


The World of Selling online course will take 2 weeks. In this online course we use the learner-centered approach to study the following topics:

  • How to motivate the Sales Force?
  • What are the key skills and competencies required to succeed in your international sales development efforts?
  • How to set up an international sales strategy?
  • And last, but absolutely not least; understanding the importance of Voice-of-Customer