Student-Engaging Learning Practices

During this course you will learn the most modern educational practices of Finnish teacher trainers. After this course is you will be able to maximise the number of interested and motivated students who are truly engaged in learning.

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Target Group

This course is suitable to all teachers from primary schools to universities in any country.

During this course you will learn:

  • How to engage your students in effective and meaningful learning
  • How to promote their interest and motivation as well as both emotional and cognitive development by using student-centered and collaborative learning methods
  • How to activate and motivate your students even during mass lectures by using technologies in promoting high impact learning


  • How to motivate your students
  • How to spark interest in your students
  • How to engage your students
  • How memory and learning works
  • What is the role of emotion and motivation in learning?
  • What is flow and how to foster it in your students?
  • How to foster student-engaging learning by assessment?