Presentations Skills

Learn and practice how to plan, prepare and deliver a successful business presentation step by step and get a lot of feedback.

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Target Group

All those who give presentations in English.

  • To increase the participants’ ability and self confidence in demanding presentation situations.
  • To help the participants build interesting presentations that have the highest possible impact on the audience (e.g. customer).
  • To develop the participants’ skills to influence and convince the audience (e.g. customer), answer questions from the audience and handle critical situations.


  1. Tailor your message
  • Communicating strategically
    • Crystalize your goal: what do you want to accomplish with your presentation?
    • Clarify your core message
  • Target your audience and meet their needs
  • From features to benefits – what’s in it for them?
  • Structure your presentation – make it easy for your audience
    • How to use structure frameworks?
  • Note cultural differences in presentations
  • High impact introductions and conclusions
  1. Present persuasively
  • Establish and enhance credibility
  • Make use of nonverbals – gestures, eye contact and use of space
  • Promoting new ideas
    • Connect emotionally – tell stories, give examples
  • Provide compelling evidence
  • Dealing with confrontational audiences
  1. Tips for visual aids
  • What is the role of PPts?
  • Using pictures, charts and tables
  • Simple structure, simple slides