Coaching as a Leadership Tool

A modern leader requires a new skills set in order to be effective. Coaching as a leadership tool training  provides you with a hands-on approach on how to develop your soft skills in engaging your team to better performance. The training focuses on several practical coaching approaches in leadership situations.

Intrested in this course?

To whom

This training is meant for leaders and experts, who need deeper skills in giving personal support to and coaching their staff members and colleagues. The participants may have a management position and/or being part of a HR-function.

Learning objectives

  • You learn the interpersonal skills required to lead as a coach in a changing and challenging organization.
  • You improve the ability to create trust, rapport, listening to the needs of others.
  • You will learn to communicate and use interventions as a coach and to successfully act in a critical leadership situation


  • What is coaching in leadership context
  • The different roles: leader, coach and consultant
  • Understanding the coaching process
  • Gaining trust, building rapport and an open atmosphere
  • Improving your personal communication style: understanding individual styles of communication
  • Improving the understanding of others: Questioning and listening skills, assumption testing
  • GROW-model and different interventions as coaching tools
  • Improving your non-verbal communication
  • Dealing with conflicts and challenging situations
  • Plenty of coaching simulations and challenging real life discussions