Self Leadership and Time Management

This learning solution is for people who would like to work smarter, not harder. The workshop is based on principles of time management and self leadership to help you both feel better about your work and improve the way you handle your workload to improve your performance and personal productivity.

The training will start by identifying key time management challenges and then figure out ways to help the participants streamline their own work processes so that they will get more results in less time. During the workshop the focus will be on the work you do on your own as well as how you collaborate with other people.

Intrested in this course?

To whom

  • All employees who want to increase their ability to lead themselves more consciously and manage time more effectively and concentrate on the essentials.


  • To increase the participants’ ability to manage their work load better
  • To help the participants develop the sense of control and competence over their daily work
  • To provide tangible tools to self leadership and time management



  • what drives and motivates you at work
  • your relationship to time
  • what are your preferences and strengths in working with people

Focusing on the important and improving your concentration

  • how to identify the important from the urgent
  • planning your days and weeks so that you have a healthy balance
  • how to take advantage of daily performance level and speed up your work
  • how to protect creativity and create variation at work
  • finding the ‘flow’

How to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities

  • achieving clarity through SMART goals
  • prioritizing – a few practical tools for prioritizing your work effectively
  • planning for results: using a time map as your planning tool

How to get rid of time wasters

  • optimizing your work for improved performance
  • how to maximize your productivity with other people: interruptions, delegation, virtual time management