Sales, Marketing and Commercialization

This course will pay special attention to sales, customer perspectives and the new business opportunities following in the wake of digitalization. To succeed in business, you need to have good control of your personal economy.

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The students will form a comprehensive picture of international business by looking at its various components as well as learn to see the links to their personal lives and topical phenomena. The students will learn to understand the way in which customer focus is present in the sales process and the commercialization of a product. They will embrace skills and tools for developing their commercial skills and controlling their personal economy.


  1. The students will learn to control their personal economy and embrace the links between their personal economy and actual business.
  2. The students will learn to identify commercialization as a customer-oriented road towards a strong brand.
  3. The students will learn to understand the various components of marketing and their potential in a digital operating framework.
  4. The students will learn the basics of solution selling and customer buying process and know how to implement their skills in customer contact.
  5. The students will adopt an international business perspective on topical phenomena.
  6. The students will receive skills, tools and approaches that support sales work.