Presentation Skills

Would you like to move, motivate, inspire and influence people in small groups and on big podiums? 

Good presentation skills usually don't come naturally, but need a lot of practice and knowledge of how to build the presentation and interact with the audience. This training gives answers to "what?" and "how?". You will have a lot of opportunities to practice and learn from the trainer and the other participants.

Intrested in this course?

To whom

  • People who want to effectively convey their message to their audience and increase their confidence in different kinds of international and domestic presentation situations


  • The participants learn how to plan and deliver successful domestic and international business presentations. In a small group in an encouraging atmosphere, they will develop presentation skills that make a positive impression and enhance their professional image.
  • They will practice giving a presentation and get a lot of feedback to help them find a style that suits them. After the course they will feel comfortable and self-confident in front of an audience and, most of all, enjoy presenting.


Corner Stones of a Good Presentation           

  • How to keep the audience interested
  • PowerPoint – master or slave
  • A picture tells more than a thousand words
  • Crystallizing your message

 How to Take your Space

  • From big podiums to customer meetings
  • Internet, webcast and media
  • Best practices for different forums

 Targeting the Message

  • The nature and purpose of the presentation
  • Adapting your message to different audiences
  • Does your presentation serve your audience
  • Terminology and language
  • Convince your Audience
  • Building trust and credibility
  • Using your own personality
  • Do you want people to remember your presentation? Dare to let go of professional jargon

Polishing your Presentation

  • From reporting structure to really skillful presentation
  • Top quality as ambition
  • Exercises and feedback
  • Information, tips and updates