Effective Writing Skills

Writing is still one of key communication skills. What kind of text is good? How to capture the readers' attention with a story? How to write creative and interactive business texts? 

Does it feel difficult to write texts? This one-day writing training gives you practical tools, expert's tips and a new inspiration for effective writing. 

Intrested in this course?

To whom

  • For people who write or edit others’ texts for different channels. You might update websites and social media. You want to change your writing routines and get new tips and ideas for different business texts.


  • The training improves the participants’ ability to create well structured, interesting and engaging texts that give desired results.
  • The training consists of practical exercises and personal feedback on the participants’ own texts before and after the training.


  • Prepare effectively: determining reader needs and expectations
  • Grab your reader’s attention: using the inverted pyramid approach
  • Apply a reader-centered approach to writing: matching the right style to the reader
  • Engage your readers and keep them interested: using effective, appropriate definitions, examples and illustrations
  • Make sure your readers respond: making polite requests and writing clear and persuasive proposals
  • Use fewer words to achieve your target: writing concisely
  • Make writing less stressful: avoiding writing traps and improving proofreading skills
  • Report writer’s checklist: preparation and audience research