Influencing Skills

This program concentrates on improving the participants' ability to achieve results without direct authority typically in projects, matrix organizations, virtual environment, and with customers 

Key development areas will be the participants' ability to influence internally and externally, deal with organizational contradictory interests, sell ideas and influence people (often with different cultural backgrounds)

Intrested in this course?

To whom

  • People who work in an expert role and in different challenging influencing situations, especially without official organizational authority.


  • improves the participants' ability to achieve results without direct authority in projects and communication without direct authority
  • gives the participants tools to influence colleagues and partners, sell ideas and act assertively also in conflict situations and challenging change situations


Assessment of own strengths and development areas

  • How is my own communication style and what are my strengths as an influencer
  • How should I modify my own communication style in order to achieve the best possible result
  • How to sell ideas and without official authority; influencing skills


How to choose the right influencing strategy for right situations

  • When should I choose ”push” strategy and when ”build” strategy
  • How to influence a whole group: stake holder analysis
  • What can an influencer learn from change leadership


Push: influencing decision making

  • How to sell ideas effectively in meetings
  • How to prepare a decision proposal for the management
  • How to ensure psychological acceptance
  • How to use ”the proposals’ building tool”


Build: Value creation in internal negotiations

  • How to prepare systematically for negotiations: to do list for preparation
  • How do I use ”N model” in negotiations
  • How to create value by listening actively and using question technique
  • Learning by Harvard Business School’s negotiation simulation


Summary of learnings and plan of action