Reidar Wasenius (52), an experienced communications professional, starts as Executive Director in a project position at the MIF Academy of Soprano Plc on 5 August 2019. Wasenius’ tasks are in the areas of corporate social responsibility and public affairs. He participates in international sales, communications and educational projects of the six business schools of Soprano.

Wasenius moves to Soprano from the position of Managing Director of the Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN). Before that he has been responsible for the marketing of Samsung Electronics Corporation in Finland and worked at Nokia Corporation with international communications and training. Wasenius has worked in several positions in media and communications since 1979 and in the field of education and training since 1984. Among others, he has been the Programme Director of the media programme at Arcada University of Applied Sciences.

“Filling this new position in our company supports our international strategic goals. Wasenius’ substantial experience in education, his strong international communications capabilities, and his exceptional language skills make him ideal for this position,” notes Arto Tenhunen, CEO of Soprano Plc.

Education is human capital that helps anyone of us to be more successful. All over the world, educated people build more viable societies. In developing countries, education is the best possible form of foreign aid. Money corrupts, but education is permanent. An educated person survives, regardless of the circumstances she or he is thrown into. Education increases equality – often reinforcing the role of women as independent actors in society. Having received more education, people are able to have better lives in their own countries, which reduces the needs for migration to other countries for a better life.

Considering the above, it’s natural that education is becoming a priority aspect of Finnish development policy and that there is growing demand for Finnish education know-how around the world. Soprano Group and its six business schools are strongly investing to be leaders in this development.

“What Soprano is doing is truly inspiring. For decades, its business schools have helped professionals in many fields in Northern Europe to be more accomplished. Now, the same world-class know-how is being used to create education that is having a decisive impact on the lives of a growing number of people in many new countries. Promoting exports of Finnish education around the world is my most meaningful mission yet. At this stage in life, I literally want to give all I have to help solve some of the most pressing issues of our times.” Wasenius summarizes.

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