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Me & MyBusiness offers an educational path that helps young people to learn important skills covering the economy, working life, and entrepreneurship. We want to enhance the understanding of these themes among young people in an enjoyable and practical manner.

Students in high schools, vocational institutions and universities constitute intended target groups of our courses, that are suitable also for all young adults studying entrepreneurial skills e.g. in incubators or projects. Besides business and entrepreneurial skills, our learning solution enhances e.g. students’ understanding of the effects of digitalization and working life skills of the 21st century. You learn these skills “imperceptibly” while performing learning assignments on our online learning platform with artificial intelligence.

​Secondary and tertiary level educational institutions and institutions enhancing entrepreneurial skills of young adults are our desired partners. We can provide you a set of high-level online courses and train-the-trainers solutions, that broaden your training portfolio and allows your institution to offer learning solutions with top-level content, advanced learning technologies and the famous Finnish pedagogy.

Digitalization, globalization and technological development are rapidly revolutionizing economic structures and societies across the globe. Increasing the understanding of these themes is increasingly important for the success of all countries, regions and cities. Therefore, we see that enhancing the capacity of young adults and training institutions should be also an educational interest of national authorities and global institutions, such as development banks and international associations.

Pedagogical expertise

MIF Academy together with EduTAT follows the pedagogical model on insightful learning, by Professor Kirsti Lonka of the University of Helsinki. Through years of extensive research into the effects of the pedagogical model, the finished learning solutions have been built with the utmost fidelity. This – combined with learning solutions built for a new generation AI-assisted, analytics-based online learning platform maximizes training content utilization – helps students achieve their learning goals, improves motivation, and increases their work life skills.

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