Seppo gamification tool as a part of the training

Digitalization is taking the education sector by storm. Schools and companies need to adapt to changing learning habits. Solutions that intelligently combine the best of classroom features with online learning benefits are gaining ground. Everyday devices such as mobile phones are now powerful tools for effective learning.

New ways to learn

Mobile devices are a part of every modern person’s life and the digitalization of traditional education enables new ways to learn throughout a person’s normal week and throughout her or his life. Smartphones in everyone’s pocket can be turned into learning platforms that engage the learner daily.

Gamification enables completely new ways of studying. Game creators have mastered the art and science of making monotonous, repetitive tasks engaging. Gamification brings elements and practices from modern games design into the design of education, training, sales or management.

Gamification platform

Seppo opens possibilities for new kinds of learning. It’s a tool that makes project-based, experiential learning a natural part of everyday schoolwork. Read experiences from professionals.

Seppo is not a learning game but a platform for building one. It’s a tool for adding game-like elements to learning. Gamification motivates students and they love playing in teams. With Seppo, teachers can easily create engaging games that are played in the classroom, outdoors or online. The platform has a game library with thousands of games already created by other educators

Seppo is an innovation by Finnish teachers. It was designed with a focus on pedagogy first and technology second. Ease of use was one of the cornerstones of creating Seppo: using the platform requires no special technical skills from the teacher.

Gamification in business training

MIF Academy uses Seppo to bring gamification into the International Sales and Marketing training program. Students study international business through a story. In one of the program’s gamified modules, students encounter an international businessman who has a client meeting scheduled in Nepal. Unfortunately, the businessman isn’t well prepared for the meeting and he asks for help. The student is given the task to help the businessman educate himself through various missions.

We help to inspire, motivate and activate students through gamification. A student experiences a journey through a story that engages her or him to reach clearly defined learning goals. Elements of gamification such as visuality, sound and interaction create a learning environment where a student truly enjoys learning.

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