In April, Soprano  signed a significant education export contract regarding the renewal of the vocational education of an entire country. It is therefore heading the consortium that will be modernizing over 150 vocational schools to adhere to international standards. In line with Soprano’s strategy of collaboration, the project is a joint effort of a number of Finnish export professionals, vocational schools, universities of applied science and private companies within the fields of education and education technology. The consortium members include MIF, Tieturi, TAMK, OAMK, Tredu, Riveria, Claned, EduRes Consulting, Lentävä Liitutaulu and HuippuEducation. This is a good example of how Soprano is fully leveraging its role as a central player in the Finnish education ecosystem.

Intense work started immediately. Taking into consideration the global pandemic, the project is to some extent being realized remotely and utilizing online learning solutions. Naturally, some travel between Finland and the Asian country in question will be needed. Presence on location is required to provide a number of the services onsite. These needs will be met in the safest possible ways.

The  contract worth circa 4 million euros covers the first part of a two-year development project worth ca 7.8 million euros. The continuation of the project is contingent upon the success of the first part.