Education is one of the main themes being showcased at the Finland pavilion at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai. Other nations are striving to emulate Finland’s education system, which they see as being one of the best in the world. In these discussions, it’s important to note that the education system does not exist in a vacuum. Thus, it’s not an object that can simply be detached from its surroundings, packaged, wrapped and shipped to another country, where it is then unboxed and installed. Like any education system, it’s part of a larger society, which has been generations in the making and rests of a unique set of underlying values.

What aspects of the Finnish education system can be repurposed and implemented in other countries? There are many separate details and larger solutions that are available to people all over the world. Here are three examples:

1. Study in Finland!
Naturally, the most effective and awesome learning experience for any young person is to come to Finland. Finnish universities and polytechnics help many foreign students every year to effectively learn – not only the substance of what is being studied – but the kind of thinking, acting and living that has enabled Finland to be ranked as the happiest nation in the world – several times. This most immersive educational experience provides the most comprehensive insights into why Finnish education is so powerful. By visiting or you can find concrete advice on exactly what to do.

2. Specific pedagogical solutions
Highly educated and experienced teachers in Finnish schools and universities have developed and honed pedagogical solutions, which provide learning experiences that are as effective as they are enjoyable. Some of them work only in the context of Finnish society and thus available only to students in Finland. Many of them, however, can readily be implemented in any country. Some are universally applicable to any learning process at any level of education. The development of online learning methods in particular are being spearheaded by Finnish top experts, with whom MIF Academy is collaborating.

3. Technology solutions
As a high-tech country with a strong ICT ecosystem, there are numerous growth companies providing useful technology solutions to enhance learning. Many of them are available on computers, tablets and mobile phones, alike. As usage of mobile technologies keeps growing, Finnish educational solutions are helping people learn and improve their lives in big metropolitan areas and the most harsh conditions all over the globe. Acquiring valuable knowledge and acquiring crucial skills using ultra modern technologies is available to wealthy individuals. Thanks to Finnish technologies, a very similar, and even more life-altering, learning experience can be made available to everyone.


MIF Academy is proudly providing solutions that smartly combine Finnish innovations in all three areas to provide the best possible learning solutions for the needs of basic education, vocational training, higher education and courses for working professionals. We will gladly tell you more and help you find you a solution you didn’t even know existed yet. We have it here in Finland and we will gladly share it with you.