Throughout this course you will work both individually and cooperatively within a learning circle. You will get to know the contemporary vocational education learning environments and you have also an opportunity to develop your facilitating learning skills. At the beginning  you need to familiarize yourself with the course objectives, content and assessment criteria. On the basis of that you need to identify your own skills and competences, and define your own aims to further develop your skills as a learning facilitator. 

This course includes practice periods that require you to planimplement, and assess a series of teaching activities. You can complete this individually or in combination with members of your learning circle.  

If you are a beginner as a teacher, your objective may be developing the basic competence related to the planning and implementation of facilitating learning. However, if you already master the basic questions related to the planning and implementation of facilitating learning, your objective may well be developing one area of learning facilitation even further. If you, according to your own self-assessment, already possess the skills and knowledge of a competent teacher and master the competence which is the learning outcome of this course, you can attain the study credits for this course by demonstrating your competence. 

The implementation of the series of teaching can be planned and implemented either individually or within your peers in a learning circle. These practice periods will also be video recorded according to the instructions that will be given at the seminars. The members of the learning circle will be your peer tutors. Each trainee teacher needs to analyse others’ teaching and participate in feedback discussions. It is important that all have an opportunity to learn from each others’ experiences. 

You will get feedback from your mentor, colleagues, peers, and your teacher trainer. Throughout the course, you should write your reflection diary and collect material for your portfolio. 

This course promotes the student’s facilitating learning skills, learning environment skills, interaction skills, agency skills and reflection skills. These skills are also assessed within this course. The course covers the Teaching practice of Vocational Teacher Education.