World Economic Forum published top 10 job skills of tomorrow. In our blog series you will get a deeper dive into each one of these skills of tomorrow.

The path of lifelong learning – creative original initiative or something else? 

In its report “The future of Jobs report 2020” the World Economic Forum listed future work and skills. One of the skills on the TOP 10-list is “Creativity, originality and initiative”. On the basis of the report, I was wondering what these meant from the point of view of lifelong learning – especially for myself.  

The first thing that occurred to me was the question “What is creativity?”. In general, creativity and originality are perceived as the skill of making art, we all have heard someone saying  “I can’t draw, sing, etc.” But what is everyday creativity and originality and how can it be expressed at work and in your own life? And does everything always have to be creative or could you sometimes just settle with the normal and mediocre. 

Creativity could perhaps also be measured by the success of small and large things – how something could be resolved in a new way that was different from normal. It didn’t take any brushes or instruments, it needed originality and proactiveness. And the will to move forward – to develop even further in a natural way.  

Lifelong learning could also be viewed from a creative point of view: how we can all learn from the atmosphere around us, from each other and especially from ourselves. We all know that man is lazy by nature – especially in times when all you can imagine (and even what you cannot) is available. You don’t need creativity when you want to find out something or order food – clichés, but unfortunately true! How can you then motivate yourself to take the constant path of learning? Some questions arise: what it takes from me and am I willing to invest and focus on it? 


Am I the creative, original and spontaneous artist of my own life? 

First of all, I can tell you that learning is worthwhile whenever you dare start progress and development. During this year, I’ve faced completely new situations twice. At second time I had boots so big to fill that I thought I’d fall before the first step. Where I am today is entirely  thanks to the surrounding people, but I also had to use a huge amount of creativity, originality and initiative – and sometimes I just had to settle with mediocre. And honestly, I may have stumbled a bit with those boots on. 

However, everything has been worth it! I have developed and received so much valuable capital for the future. It hasn’t always been easy – I’ve cried few cries and despair has sometimes taken over my mind. However, I have learned the most about myself – what kind of power and creative person lives in me. So it doesn’t matter if I can’t draw or sing, I’ve stated that I’m the artist of my own life. 

The road to lifelong learning never ends in a dead end – as long as you remember to turn to the right direction, observe the side of the road and occasionally stop to admire the scenery. And it’s not dangerous if you sometimes go the wrong way from junction – in any case, that road takes you somewhere and there’s always a chance to turn back. I encourage each and every one of us to think how we could contribute to our own lifelong learning and that of each other in the future – it is something that will take us forward together and separately. 

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– Elina Salaja

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