26.2.2018 at 09.30

Soprano and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences begin cooperating in education exports.

Soprano Oyj and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences JAMK have signed a cooperation agreement in education exports. As a first joint project, the parties are preparing a bid for further training of teachers and improvement of vocational education and training in South America. The project is being conceptualized so that it could be duplicated in other developing countries, so in addition to South America it could be done in Africa and Asia.

The parties provide their training services in cooperation and, as much as possible, online in Soprano’s artificial intelligence learning environment. The aim is to make future education, learning, projects, tasks and tests as well as contacting the student and group work among students be done online. This is yet not quite possible, and some of the training is still done traditionally.

In addition to the qualifications and further training provided by Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, the co-operation agreement covers all of Soprano’s training companies; Tieturi, Johtamistaidon Opisto JTO, Infor, Fintra, MIF and Informator training services in Finland and internationally.

Jussi Halttunen, Dean of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences :

“Finnish education has a high reputation in the world. Artificial intelligence assisted online training is the future and we believe that we will do well with the quality of education in a tough international competition. In the recent years in JAMK we have invested heavily in digital channels and e-learning. In addition, we have long experience in education exports, last month we signed a major training project in Kazakhstan.”

Arto Tenhunen, Chairman of the Board of Soprano:

“Teacher training has a tremendous need in the world and it is rising in demand. According to the National Board of Education, 27 million new qualified teachers are needed every year. It’s not possible by traditional means, so online training is needed. In addition to our teacher training, our education export trips have shown that there is also demand for entrepreneurship training, ICT and health education, and graduate studies.”

Education is one of the top projects of the Finnish Government. The government has set an ambitious target of 350 million euros for education exports for the year 2018.

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