Co-Creational Innovation Camp to develop competence-based and innovative solutions.

Innovation Camp is suitable for everyone who wants solutions fast!

Co-Creational Innovation Camp to develop competence-based and innovative solutions

  • Soprano will provide a development solution model and an active team, that will take responsibility to plan and conduct.
  • Your vision of solution is clarified, challenges and steps for final solutions are planned and partly tested with multi-professional team and authorities needed.
  • Fast track to successful development (short or long term).
  • Suitable for all industries, companies, organizations and to be combined with VET or University studies as study course.
  • Tested and effective
  • Promotes sustainability in several ways. We will aim to make informed decisions considering implications and contributing to several of the UN SDGs.

Method is based to boost your experimental development mindset and get rapid results!

  • All tested methods, principles and most useful tools are combined and practiced in workshop activities. You will use these later too!
  • Our method combines methods of competence management, continuous development (Lean), experimental development, design thinking and team-based -learning.  Secrets of success learnt!
  • KICK OFF meeting, 3 workshops, intermediate tasks and reflection for each team. Serious, but fun!
  • Remote training organized in 2-3 months and on-site training abroad or in Finland for 4 days. You choose the level of experience!
  • The duration of each online workshop is 3-6 hours, and after the main part, there is 1-hour of local collaboration in teams to plan intermediate tasks, supported by a facilitator. Onsite training is faster track and we use more simple challenges during 4 days and development continues after onsite Camp. You go further and beyond!
  • In 3rd workshop we will focus on finalizing the solution co-created in teams, making sometimes also brilliant failures, and learning from experiments to create even better solutions.
  • After the 3rd workshop there will be a final online meeting in a month. Be inspired even more!

We guarantee your performance as developer and worker will raise next levels!

  • Entrepreneurship competences are practiced in workshops to strengthen and practice the entrepreneurial mindset, knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Continuous development  provides a new way to think about how to organize human activities to deliver more productivity.
  • Helps companies and people to eliminate time and money wastes.
  • You can inspire, make the most of limited resources and co-create services processes and business models together with other partners locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally.
  • Handle better fast moving situations, use structured ways of testing ideas, set goals and priorities, create ideas and turn those into action and analyze development work and learn with other developers, in network and ecosystems.

Price: 15 000€/ group (max 20 people), or 990 €/ person, excl. flights + hotel

Upcoming Co-Creational Innovation Camps in Finland

November 29.11-2.12.2021

January 17.-20.1.2022

February 21.-24.2.2022

March 21.-24.3.2022


Katja Väyrynen

Senior Consultant
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