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The new Töölönlahti campus will host on 23 August an open attendance admission to the Night of the Arts Education. This is a joint effort by six business schools, expert trainers and Soprano Group (Plc). The 60 training courses will be held completely free of charge during the night in thirty minute slots at the new, state-of-the-art education facilities at the campus. The programme will be arranged in suomeksi, på svenska, in English and на русском языке.

The worst manager mistakes. Become a top performer in half an hour. Test if you are a good person. Coding basics in half an hour. This is how to do business in Vietnam. Myths of AI. These are some of the courses you may be able to participate during the Night of the Arts Education.

– The Night of the Arts Education programme will begin at 17.00 (5pm) on the 23rd of August at Töölönlahti campus, the location of the old sugar refinery that has been completely renovated at Mannerheimintie 15. The courses will continue past midnight, if there is enough interest. The first 500 visitors will celebrate with us a glass of champagne, Soprano CEO Arto Tenhunen says.

As part of the programme, there is an opportunity to listen and learn from the history of the famous building and to experience the new design, including but not limited to, former President Martti Ahtisaari and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs former office, in its original condition. Visitors can experiment and test the latest classroom technologies used to support teaching and learning in the classroom.

Also included is the Russian Presidential Program

The programme is organized in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian. The trainers are available in-house and remotely from all over Finland and Sweden. The programme consists of presenting even more effective ways of immigrant and labor training. Also in recent years, due to sanctions, a joint Russian-Finnish Presidential Program in Finland and Russia – Training Young Russian Executives in Finland, shares the training program at the event.

A small carbon footprint – good for humans and the environment

The Töölönlahti campus has been completely rebuilt with respect to the old, taking into account both the environment and humans. The classroom facilities and office spaces are acoustically sound, nearly soundproof with at least two soft surfaces everywhere, providing a pleasant sound all around. All lamps have been replaced with very low power consumption indirect light bulbs. The old windows have been refurbished with respect to original and their sound insulation is now excellent. Carefully selected flooring will prevent allergens from spreading in the building and the new air filters ensure cool and clean air ventilation. The bright property is connected to both district heating and district cooling. The six times air filtration gets rid of any impurities.

Teasers from our programme

Artificial intelligence myths, Stories of Finnish education exports; Is GDPR a new curse word?; Digitalization is scary!

In Finnish: Information Technology and Software: Parhaat vinkit for Excel; Power Point; Outlook; Windows 10 kotona ja töissä; Webtyökalut käytäntöön, Koodaamisen alkeet; Teams auttaa tekemään yhdessä.

In Finnish: Efficiency training: Palvelumuotoilu; Ketterästi vai keveämmin?; Miten johdat muutosta; Lean tarkoittaa jatkuvaa parantamista

In Finnish: Better working life skills: Pomon pahimmat mokat; Huippuesiintyjäksi puolessa tunnissa; Viisi vinkkiä projektityöhön; Työhyvinvointipeli – testaa itse; Työyhteisötesti – oletko hyvä tyyppi?:

In Swedish: Social media som marknadsföring; O365 smidigt arbete; Kodningsunderlag på en halvtimme

In English: Coding Basics in half an hour – Can you drive successful change? – 360 degrees responsibility – Working with Russians – Doing business in Vietnam

Online Courses (in English): Creating a Business Plan; Marketing ideas for businesses; Live streaming with mobile phone.

Night of The Arts Education Programme will be published on 17.8 at 9am

The programme will be published on Tieturi and MIF and in English on our website. Signups to the courses can be confirmed in advance by signing up on the websites. The courses can also be reached directly from the main entrance of Mannerheimintie 15, Helsinki.

The event is organized by ICT training specialist Tieturi and Informator also known as the Informator Tieturi Group, JTO -the leadership institute, Infor -for communications training, Fintra -the international trade training provider, Management Institute of Finland, MIF Qualifications -which provides vocational qualifications and MIF Academy -the education export arm of Soprano Plc, focusing on online courses powered by AI.

Welcome to the Night of Arts Education – on Thursday the 23.8.2018 starting at 17.00 (5pm)

More information: Soprano Plc, CEO Arto Tenhunen, phone 0400 413314,