Annually, over 400 000 Finnish workers complete compulsory competence training.

Finnish competence training is at a time of culmination. According to the European model, competence training will become certified. At the same time, training will be moved completely online. There are only a few exceptions to this. Corona sped up an inevitable change, as the pandemic restricted the use of classrooms and, as such, employers have had challenges with mandatory training of their staff. Now, an internationally certified qualification can be completed independently online. Without official competence training, a staff member may not be able to complete their job assignments. Problems may also arise regarding insurance payouts in the event of an accident.

Over two million Finnish workers have completed Finnish competence training. Many of the licences and certificates needed in working life are regulated by law and many different requirements. Licences and certifications demonstrate necessary competence and allow for improvements in work safety. Without an official qualification, the worker cannot always access their work site. In the event of an accident, insurance coverage is often connected to the worker’s competence training. Official qualifications, such as work safety and electrical safety certifications, are completed by hundreds of thousands of people in Finland each year. Approximately one million people have completed the work safety certification.

In the Future, the Competence Training Required by International Finnish Companies Will Be Valid Abroad

There have been a few problems regarding competence training, that have been silently accepted. In Finland, there is a wide variety of different qualifications for different fields that are provided by different organizations. The level of these trainings varies, and they are not systematically monitored. Additionally, in Finland, there has been no wide-ranging database where one could check a person’s certifications reliably. Multiple certifications have added to costs of running Finnish companies internationally, because Finnish certifications are not valid in other countries.

– Problems are made to be solved. Now, Kiwa Inspecta, a certification company for competence training, and Soprano, an education company, have signed a collaboration agreement regarding official competence certifications. In the future, the daughter companies of Soprano, MIF and Tieturi, will organize competence certifications online. Kiwa Inspecta will be responsible for the certification of the qualifications, as well as the quality monitoring of the training and maintenance of a national qualification register, says Soprano’s acting CEO, Pauliina Lautanen-Nissi.

– Tieturi and MIF are the only Finnish parties who can offer internationally valid, certified qualifications completely online, Lautanen-Nissi notes.

Due to the Corona Pandemic, Competence Training Has Not Been Able to Be Arranged In Classrooms

Corona has also hit competence training. Classroom training has been halted due to the pandemic. The situation has been tried to be fixed through webinars, but the problem with those is that workers are tied to a certain time of the day. In online training, the worker can complete tasks independently and at a time that suits them and their employer.

– Thanks to the change that has been achieved, organizations can acquire all official and internationally valid competences from one place, at consistent quality, and the certifications can be always checked reliably from the national database. Due to the online training, the training will be independent from time, place, and device. For the company, online training is cost-effective, as this method saves time and travel costs, says Lautanen-Nissi.

– The collaboration of Kiwa Inspecta and Soprano guarantees that the online training will be impressive and in accordance with requirements. Our collaboration is internationally remarkable work that will broaden training competence elsewhere in Europe, says CEO Mikko Törmänen from Kiwa Inspecta.

– The online course will be available any time and any place, either on the computer or on the phone. With clear and carefully selected training, learning happens quickly and demonstrably. Competence acquisition is tested through formative assessments and a final exam. A license will be given for a passed course, which can be added to the CV, Törmänen continues.

Typically, the Online Training Will Last for 3-5 Hours and the Qualification is Valid for 5 Years

In the beginning, and online services can be used to complete Work Safety training (nationally approximately 200 000 certifications per year), the European Hot Work Certificate (75 000), Electrical work safety training (20 000), Forklift license (20 000), Industrial Crane Training (10 000), Person lift training, Scaffold work safety training, Fall protection inspector training, Lifting planner and supervisor training, Load fastener and signaller training, Lift accessory inspector training, Container and closed space work training, Work protection basic training, The Basics of Work Protection Law, ATEX Safety training, and Energy efficiency training.

Additionally, there are many short trainings available on and, such as Work travel safety, The dangers of working high up, Danger perception, Emergency and evacuation, PPE and their use, Machine and device safety, and Preparation for work protection inspection. Many courses are available in English, as well as Finnish.


More Information:
Pauliina Lautanen-Nissi
Soprano, acting CEO
telephone 050 3516 277

Jani Pihl
Kiwa Inspecta, CEO
telephone 044 2846 759

Soprano Group is the leading Nordic private training organization. In 2019, our trainings were participated in by 29111 people from 2457 organizations from 27 countries. The training programmes of the six business schools of the corporation are specialized in ICT, leadership, communication, economics, and international business. We offer training, diplomas, certificates, and vocational qualifications online and traditionally in classrooms. Through the digital solutions developed by Soprano, studies, practical projects, tests, and conversations between students and trainers can be completed independently online, over the web.
Soprano is located in seven cities in Finland, Sweden, and Russia. Through our network, we are in tens of countries, and virtually, all over the world. The company has the Made in Finland badge and uses the ISO 9001 quality standards. The stocks of Soprano Oyj are listed in Nasdaq Helsinki Oy

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