Cyber Security

Gain the knowledge and confidence to support the integration of cyber security into your organization

Ensuring cyber security is a complex task - It is the sum of many contributing factors: technology, processes and procedures, as well as people and leadership.

All these components are of crucial importance. Establishing cyber security requires a sustained commitment to learning, training and good practices. Cyber security is also demanding because the threat landscape is constantly evolving as our societies and economies are transformed by the rapid pace of digitalization. Therefore, maintaining effective cyber security is an ongoing challenge for all states, companies and organisations of different sizes.

We will help you to understand how to navigate in the complex cyber world in a secure way and without losing important assets.

We offer a unique comprehensive package that helps you to upgrade your organization’s cyber security and face the modern threats of the cyber world.

Don't be an easy target. Learn how to protect your most valuable information with us.


Pertti Jalasvirta
Pertti Jalasvirta

Executive Director
Cyber Security

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