Boost your accounting skills with industry experts

Explore key accounting and financial management practices, and gain the essential expertise required for effective management of financial business activities.

The MIF Academy offers versatile accounting training at different levels of the organization. In the training offering, we take into account the company’s board of directors, operative management and accounting. When the initial phase is completed, the training offer includes the following subjects:

  • Corporate financial management
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Finance
  • Investment calculations and special issues in special sectors

The training has been implemented as a multi-level training with pre-defined tasks, videos, training material and other related material. The training is available in both English and Finnish, and the training perspective is both international and local. Presentations related to the consolidated financial statements and the financial statements are now ready.

Get insight and practical knowledge on how to keep your balances in order.


Tuomas Honkamäki
Tuomas Honkamäki

Accounting Specialist

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Accounting Programs