Presentation Skills


To increase the participants’ ability and self confidence in demanding presentation situations.
To help the participants build interesting presentations that have the highest possible impact on the audience (e.g. customer).
To develop the participants’ skills to influence and convince the audience (e.g. customer), answer questions from the audience and handle critical situations.



Detailed Contents

  1. Tailor your message
  • Communicating strategically
    • Crystalize your goal: what do you want to accomplish with your presentation?
    • Clarify your core message
  • Target your audience and meet their needs
  • From features to benefits – what’s in it for them?
  • Structure your presentation – make it easy for your audience
    • How to use structure frameworks?
  • Note cultural differences in presentations
  • High impact introductions and conclusions
  1. Present persuasively
  • Establish and enhance credibility
  • Make use of nonverbals – gestures, eye contact and use of space
  • Promoting new ideas
    • Connect emotionally – tell stories, give examples
  • Provide compelling evidence
  • Dealing with confrontational audiences
  1. Tips for visual aids
  • What is the role of PPts?
  • Using pictures, charts and tables
  • Simple structure, simple slides


Teaser Video