Negotiation Skills


To understand the essence of negotiation.
To become familiar with key negotiation principles and a toolbox to help in fothcoming negotiations.
To understand that the art of negotiation is based on attempting to reconcile what constitutes a good result for you with what constitutes a good result for the other party.

Detailed Contents:

  1. Strategic Skills – Look at the Big Picture
  • Build trust and create open interaction
  • Find a common ground and mutual benefits
  • Is your strategy to help or to hurt?
  • Don’t just discuss what your counterparts want – find out why they want it
  1. The Key Techniques
  • Testing understanding and summarizing
  • Explaining before disagreeing
  • Closing techniques
  • Dealing with conflict and confrontation
  1. Preparing Step by Step
  • Clarify your bottom line and most favourable position
  • Establish your position – define your BATNA
  • Using push and pull tactics
  • Think about your bargaining zone
  • Prepare for Plan B
  1. Facilitate Decision-making
  • Don’t get stuck in details
  • Be ready to close the subject at right time
  • Communicate next steps
  1. Summing up key techniques
  • Short inputs and group discussions.

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