High-Impact Teacher Development From Finland

Finnish pedagogical innovations put into practice in the local context in a meaningful way, build local capacity and provide access into the next generation online learning platform for everybody.




HIT is a high-quality part-time in-service teacher education and train-the-trainers program from Finland.

HIT consists of multiple courses, that can be studied independently.

To whom?

  • This in-service teacher education program is suitable for all acting teachers from primary schools to universities in any country
  • Teachers on all levels of education – full-program with special tutorial package and contact studies
  • Train-the-trainers programme is targeted to teachers or teacher training with at least five-year practical experience in the field


  • All programs except online teacher education program include contact days in the home country of the study group
  • All courses and modules include learning assignments that are linked with the daily work of teachers
  • All instructors of the program are members of prof. Kirsti Lonka’s research team


  1. High caliber teachers are one of the most important factors why the Finnish education system is so high ranked
  2. This teacher education program is designed by prof. Kirsti Lonka, an expert in innovative learning methods and environments, the author of the book “Phenomenal learning from Finland” and experienced teacher educator
  3. Studies are mainly taking place on Claned online learning platform, that is the easiest way to build learner-centric and cost-effective online courses that users love.
  4. The program is managed by MIF Academy at Soprano Plc, that is the leading private educator in Nordic countries
  5. Main purposes of programmes, teacher education, and train-the-trainers, is putting all Finnish pedagogical innovations into practice in a local context in a meaningful way, build local capacity and provide access into the next-generation online learning platform for everybody


  • Student-engaging learning practices
    How to engage interest, flow, emotional, cognitive, student-centered and collaborative learning methods
    How to activate and motivate your students during mass lectures using technologies in promoting high impact learning
  • Teaching future skills I-II + diagnostic test
    Thinking skills and learning to learn
    ICT skills
    Worklife skills and entrepreneurship
    Self-care and managing everyday life
    Cultural competencies and communication
    Participating and building a sustainable future
    The road to 21st Century Competencies Evaluation Framework for teachers
  • High-impact learning
    How do people learn
    How to design effective and meaningful instruction
    The ideas of learning behind Finnish curriculum
    Teacher as a lifelong learner
  • Introduction to phenomenon-based learning
    Easy level and simple approach, rich content & real-world cases
    How to assess phenomenon-based learning projects
  • Social and emotional learning / Soft skills (optional)
    Non-violent and constructive ways to promote discipline
    How to create a safe atmosphere
    The role of emotions and motivation in learning
    Dealing with challenges.


For acting teachers, we offer full program in online or blended mode, and individual modules online. Those with interest to complete ToT and become certificated trainers must pass all courses and a separate train-the-trainers package.


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