Engaging Student in Learning

Self-directed learning aims to reduce the need for external control and rely on the student’s own autonomy. Students are offered of responsibility for their own learning, and teacher´s role is to support and guide.




Target group

Teachers interested in student-centered approach. Participants must be willing to support students to take responsibility for their own learning, and to reduce the need for external control by the teacher.


During this course you will have opportunities to:

  1. Introduce student-centered teaching approach
  2. Review strategies how to build student autonomy
  3. Reflect the role of the teacher when students are self-directed


The course comprises:

A. One online/video session/lecture/briefing
B. Independent work integrated in to teaching, and reflective group work
C. Two hours feedback (webinar to be arranged)

A. One online/video session/lecture/briefing

  • Course expectations
  • Introduce the CLANED learning environment
  • Theoretical review: elements of autonomous learner and ownership of learning
  • Learning assignments (discussion and written documentation)

B. Independent work and reflective group work
Find out how to enhance learner autonomy, and how to support students take responsibility for their own learning, rather than be dependent on the teacher
Discuss with students and colleagues.
Participant share learning experience with the group or colleague including student perspectives.

C. Feedback and closing (webinar)
Participants meet and share in groups their experiences of course impact.
Engaging in group discussion and feedback to groups. Identifying ways forward.

Teaser video