Cyber Security for Leaders

Gain the knowledge and confidence to support the integration of cyber security into your organization. This program is designed to prepare those with strategic decision-making responsibilities to understand, effectively analyze, articulate, and apply cyber insights in their work and their teams and organizations.

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What leaders have to know about Cyber Security? Our accomplished cyber experts help you to create a safer cyber environment for your organization.

Goals & Objectives

  • to assist in achieving your company’s strategic goals in the cyber environment
  • to increase the top-level management’s ability to lead cybersecurity development
  • to build a concept to lead the organization’s cybersecurity development
  • to help to develop an organization’s cybersecurity culture

Through an engaging mix of introductions, insights, case examples your learning journey will bring into sharp focus the reality of Cyber Security and how they can be harnessed to support your business needs and turn thread to an opportunity.

Focusing on key elements of Cyber Security the course will help you understand the cyber space, importance of strategy, security plan, leadership and educated workforce.


  1. An Introduction to the Cyber Security
  2. Risk Management & Trends
  3. Laws and International Standards
  4. Forging Cyber Resilience