Communications and Negotiation Skills

Interpersonal skills are highly important in both private life and in business life. You cannot handle customer relationships successfully if you do not have the social skills required. If you master the different phases and options of business negotiations, you can have a significant impact on their results. On this course, you will adopt diverse skills that you can use in different social situations that are critical for business.

The aim is for students:

  • To identify the elements of diverse and constructive interaction.
  • To recognize the ways in which emotions are linked to interaction.
  • To be able to identify various communication styles and use that knowledge in interaction.
  • To recognize the importance of negotiations for business operations and learn the stages of negotiations from preparation to a conclusion.
  • To recognize and adopt various negotiation techniques.
  • To identify various influence methods.

Course content

1. Interpersonal skills

Introduction: Interpersonal skills
Emotional skills and non-verbal communication
Interaction in a digital environment

2. Communication styles

Introduction: Communication styles
Identifying communication styles
Communication styles in the SAMI model
Adjusting to the communication situation
Communication problems
Trust is the foundation of human relations

3. Negotiation skills

Introduction: Negotiation process
How to succeed in negotiations
Objectives based on needs
Winning a negotiation takes teamwork
Choices during negotiations
Choices outside of negotiations
Committing to the negotiated deal

4. Negotiation techniques

Introduction: Negotiation techniques
Mastering the negotiation process
Starting points of negotiations
Differences in negotiation views
Recap and confirmation
Playing dirty
Unconscious influences