Project KING learning path

300.00 / month

This training is targeted at experienced project professionals. That means you, who manage projects and internal or external development programs. ​

Typical titles of participants include Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Project Director, Development Manager, Development Director, Program Manager, Systems Analyst, System Expert, Department Manager, Group Manager, Team Leader / Manager.​

  • This training is also suitable for those involved in the development of a project organization or project culture, e.g. those involved in PMO activities.​
  • Programme length: 1 month

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  • Projects and project culture, the preparation phase of projects​
  • Project roles and responsibilities, project environment and stakeholders​
  • Contracts and contractual practices in projects​
  • Leading a diverse project team​
  • Project planning phase​
  • Project risk management and risk analysis​
  • Project implementation phase​
  • Agile project management​
  • Cornerstones of project communication​
  • Change management in projects​
  • Closing the project