Management Skills & Sales Development​

300.00 / month

  • After the training you will have the necessary skills for managing your marketing and sales strategy and implement continuous sales development​
  • Target audience: ​
  • Managers in charge of sales and marketing​
  • Programme length: 2 weeks

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  • The relation of strategic marketing to Strategy and business processes​
  • Marketing as a tool for enabling strategic objectives​
  • Current marketing theories and their implication in the real world​
  • Marketing in action​
  • Segmentation approaches​
  • Business analysis tools  (7P, SWOT, Power grids etc) ​
  • Customer awareness creation​
  • Brand-building​
  • Understanding the key elements of your core products, pricing policies, access and promotional activities​
  • Content marketing in the digital world​
  • Customer landscape and business development needs: ​
  • what they tell us / what they don’t tell us but we see it / what is going on when look client base as a whole​
  • The value propositions of our products​
  • What do we need to change for future success  ​
  • Our current capabilities and competence base vs. What capabilities and competencies the future value propositions require ​
  • Balanced Scorecard thinking​
  • Identifiying the key gaps and actions needed​
  • Planning the implementation through development projects and people ​
  • How to build and renew sales management culture to support long term success