Cooperation between Soprano and Nepal Open University started with a Training Program powered by Soprano Plc utilizing an AI online learning platform. Mr. Juha Merinen (Founder of SMART Internationalization Ltd) is acting as the  facilitator for learners on the Leading International Growth and Market Expansion training program.

The Leading International Growth and Market Expansion training program is an online course offering experience based on insights into the world of international business. This course provides a unique opportunity to study internationalization and will give concrete ideas and tools to be used for developing the students’ skills and competencies towards a successful career in international business.

After 5 weeks of training and having successfully completed this course, the students will know how to create strategy frameworks, sales strategies and craft a professional market entry sales plans.

Our cooperation partner is Nepal Open University (NOU), the premier institution of higher/tertiary education in Nepal, through open and distance-learning solutions.

MIF Academy

MIF Academy is pioneering global online education with an AI learning environment. In collaboration with our highly qualified partners and universities we provide Diplomas and Certificates, Vocational Qualifications and University Degrees that are valid in all European Countries. Delivering Finnish world-class education with an AI Learning Environment globally onsite, remote or online. The choice is yours.
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