Managerial Negotiation & Meeting Skills

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Management Skills & Sales Development​

300.00 / month

  • After the training you will have the necessary skills for managing your marketing and sales strategy and implement continuous sales development​
  • Target audience: ​
  • Managers in charge of sales and marketing​
  • Programme length: 2 weeks

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  • The relation of strategic marketing to Strategy and business processes​
  • Marketing as a tool for enabling strategic objectives​
  • Current marketing theories and their implication in the real world​
  • Marketing in action​
  • Segmentation approaches​
  • Business analysis tools  (7P, SWOT, Power grids etc) ​
  • Customer awareness creation​
  • Brand-building​
  • Understanding the key elements of your core products, pricing policies, access and promotional activities​
  • Content marketing in the digital world​
  • Customer landscape and business development needs: ​
  • what they tell us / what they don’t tell us but we see it / what is going on when look client base as a whole​
  • The value propositions of our products​
  • What do we need to change for future success  ​
  • Our current capabilities and competence base vs. What capabilities and competencies the future value propositions require ​
  • Balanced Scorecard thinking​
  • Identifiying the key gaps and actions needed​
  • Planning the implementation through development projects and people ​
  • How to build and renew sales management culture to support long term success

Who is the training fit?

The training is intended for supervisors working in different positions. Coaching is also suitable for teams and project leaders who want to improve their negotiation skills.

Content of training

Where do you need superordinate meetings?

  • meetings of the work community
  • benefits of meeting / meeting work
  • key issues in meetings

Designing a powerful and useful palaver

  • preparing the chairman and the participants
  • the right opportunity to the right place
  • time planning
  • making a talk and a protocol / memo

Implementation of the activating and motivating palaver

  • the role and tasks of the leader
  • work-promoting and disruptive roles
  • constructive and active participation
  • influencing the meeting

What are good match patterns?

  • how do you make common rules for the meetings?

What kind of negotiations does the boss have?

  • internal and external negotiating situations within the work community
  • casual and challenging negotiations

How do you prepare and plan a successful negotiation?

  • what is a skilled negotiator?

How does negotiating strategy affect the negotiation?

  • the significance and impact of negotiating styles
  • negotiating strategy and tactics
  • interaction in negotiation
  • influencing the decision

Examples of different negotiations

  • how to go for different types of situations?

Benefits and Objectives of Training

  • You can prepare for negotiations and meetings
  • Get an overview of the different strategies and tactics you can take advantage of both in-house meetings and, for example, with customers or partners.
  • You know your strengths as a negotiator and have the ability to negotiate successfully in different situations to reach a consensus
  • You learn to make use of the discussions as a forum for information sharing and collaboration both in teamwork and with customers and other partners
  • You will learn to listen and lead the discussion in a solution-oriented and goal-oriented way, as well as to increase the interactivity of your meetings
  • You will learn how to work effectively and prepare effectively

Learning methods

Coaching is interactive and functional. You learn about the trainer’s talents, debates, small tasks and their dissolution. Get useful tips for everyday coaching and negotiation sessions.

About Instructor

  • JTO

    Knowledge is our thing. The Leadership College JTO in Finland is the source of joy and enthusiasm for many. We continue to help organizations and individuals ever since being founded in 1946, after World War II in their daily leadership training and professional development.


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