Further Qualification for Entrepreneurs

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Please Note: Before submitting an application, please ensure you have earned at least an accredited Bachelors Degree and 3 years of work experience in the degree specific field. The duration of the digital degree program ranges depending on the assessment on your current level of competency and experience in Entrepreneurship. First is to be determined if you are in need of further education or for you to demonstrate your abilities in various assessments.

Vocational Qualification

The qualifications structure in vocational education and training (VET) has three levels. There are three types of qualifications: vocational upper secondary qualification, further vocational qualification, specialist vocational qualification. This is a further vocational qualification.

Success in a constantly changing business environment requires extensive know-how. A skilled entrepreneur is able to guide the company’s economy and profitability. He or she can market and sell their products to their services and products. He understands the needs of the customers. An Entrepreneurial Qualification is implemented during the program, which is based on the Finnish National Board of Education (2012). The qualification is demonstrated for the degree company’s own business.
The MIF – Entrepreneurship Qualification Program provides basic management skills and good capability to lead the company.The program is intended for entrepreneurs who have recently started business and have a concrete business idea, network partners and subcontractors, for longer entrepreneurs to develop their business and their own skills as well generations or owners. The core of coaching leading to a vocational qualification for entrepreneurs is the development and implementation of a business plan for a company.The company’s success is built on strategic planning by looking at the company’s internal space and the external world.
During the program, the participant clarifies the company’s business idea and vision and decides on the company’s goals and actions.

The program provides a solid foundation for the success of your own business.As a participant you can:

  • know-how in the design and implementation of a business plan,
  • tools for strategic and financial management of the company,
  • knowledge in business economics, taxation and jurisprudence,
  • ways to improve customer service and expertise in marketing and sales,
  • company-specific guidance and consulting,
  • the opportunity to network and share experiences

The program consists of a wide range of areas related to business development:

  • business-specific business plans,
  • company finance, planning, control and monitoring,
  • immediate and indirect taxation,
  • business law and human resources
  • sales and marketing.

About Instructor

  • MIF

    The Management Institute of Finland MIF Qualifications is a degree awarding vocational education institution. In the vocational qualification, a skilled person demonstrates their professional skills in their own work. At best, completing a degree does not differ from the normal job of the person other than being judged. If required, the graduate develops their missing skills in the qualification training and in their daily own work.


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