Digital Innovation and Disruption

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Digital Innovation & Disruption

300.00 / month

This program will equip you with the necessary skills to prosper and grow in this constantly changing environment.​

  • Target audience: ​
  • Leaders​
  • Senior executives who need to lead in a digital world​
  • Programme length: 1 month

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  • Digital disruption and the threats​
  • Disruptive business models​
  • Digital business ability​
  • Strategic approaches​
  • Behaviors and core competencies ​
  • Digital business transformation strategy

In this course we explore what lies behind the concept of disruptive innovation and digital transformation. You get the tools to better conduct yourself progressive change and the speed of digitization is.

There is no doubt that society is undergoing an incredibly big change, and all the companies and organizations as a result of this. That means as much opportunity as the challenges and threats. The opportunities are there for all of us – the technology has never been so accessible – as was the challenge? In this course you knowledge and methods to more fundamental understanding of the forces that make up the digitization, not only from a technical angle, but a business, organizational and societal.

  • We work with experiential learning
  • Through individual and communal reflection lands our experiences knowledge
  • A mixture of inspiration, lecture and group discussions
  • Through various methods of prototyping, “we think with their hands”
  • We Annamar a holistic perspective on digitization: society, technology, people


  • Full speed ahead / full speed ahead – developments in perpektiv
  • A new logic / new logic – development and its fundamental implications on the old logic
  • A world of opportunity / a world of possibilities – Join the challenge and problems into opportunities and funds
  • Co-creation rocket / co-creation rocket – get a feel for the idea and value creation in the new economy
  • Prototyping – to think with their hands

About Instructor

  • Informator

    Since 1990, Informator has been at the forefront when it comes to supporting Sweden's professionals to take the stage from the academic world into working life and really transform theoretical knowledge into practical use. Our goal is to properly support all roles, regardless of leadership, Agile methods, system architecture, server and network or IT system users.


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